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Food Saver Bundle - 4 Ziplock Bags & Produce Bags

Food Saver Bundle - 4 Ziplock Bags & Produce Bags

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Make the most of your fridge & freezer with these Food Saver Pack!

Food Saver Pack will include:

2 x 1L Reusable Ziplock Bag

2 x 1.5L Reusable Ziplock Bag 

1x Reusable Mesh Produce Bag


Reusable ziplock bags provide an airtight and leak-proof seal, keeping your food fresher for longer and our reusable mesh produce bag will help you shop with FREE plastic!

Reusable Ziplock Bag can be used for storing stock, freshly-cut fruits, and veg and even batch meals! And... it is microwave and dishwasher Safe! ✨


Reusable Mesh Bag can be put in the fridge and washed manually or using a washing machine. *DO NOT USE DRYER


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