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Why Wakatobi Eco Supplies?

  1. More than just a Product but a Lifestyle - Zero Waste and Reducing Plastic-Use

Wakatobi Eco Supplies, we are all about creating change within our lifestyle to benefit the future generation and most importantly our beautiful planet. When we first started this venture, we were trying to find ways to reduce things that damage our home planet and this came down to our man-made plastic. The most harmful kind of plastic, are single-use and with the continuation of this practice, we can cover the entire earth filled with such harmful waste. 

Therefore, each and every one of our products is designed to help reduce the use of single-use plastic so that we can raise awareness and promote the ideal ‘zero-waste’ lifestyle. 


  1. Recyclable and Durable
In order to eliminate the concept of single-use entirely, we try to source products that are recyclable and durable for a long time. The idea is to re-use each and every one of our products, withstanding a variety of temperatures and methods of use to meet the needs. 






  1. Affordability 

At Wakatobi Eco Supplies, it is vital to be able to provide our eco-friendly products at an affordable price for all kinds of individuals, so that all of us can save our home planet whilst not breaking the bank. Whether an individual is purchasing our product for environmental reasons or trying to save economically (as reusing items means less cost), we want our products to be in every household. 

  1. Functional and Aesthetic

All our products have been chosen and designed to be super functional and beautiful for our customers to enjoy. 


  1. Sustainable packaging

We have designed our packaging to be minimal and made from recyclable materials. We work closely with our manufacturer to eliminate the use of unwanted plastic, bubble wraps, and all the unnecessary wrapping. 






  1. Supporting Small & Local Business

Locally started in Melbourne, Victoria in the summer of 2018, Wakatobi Eco Supplies is run by a small team of three eco-warriors that are passionate about sustainability. 

By purchasing our product, you will support our small eco-friendly business. 

With only a few products at the beginning, your support has allowed us to source the growing number of new, innovative, and most importantly eco-friendly products for everyone and the planet to enjoy. 

We have been so very grateful to everyone that has supported us thus far. 


  1. The Best Part

By purchasing our eco-friendly item, you are saving economically, environmentally, and sustainably. We have also partnered occasionally with local charities and groups and donated our share of profit to those in need.