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Bubble Tea/ Smoothie Cup with Silver/Gold Straw
Bubble Tea Cup with Rose Gold Straw
Bubble Tea/ Smoothie Cup with Straw
Bubble Tea/ Smoothie Cup with Straw

Bubble Tea/ Smoothie Cup with Straw

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Enjoy bubble tea/boba and smoothie guilt-free without the use of harmful single-use plastic!

Our Reusable Bubble tea/Smoothie Cup is designed to replace the constant single-use cups and straw that last you for years to come. Perfect for bubble tea, smoothies, iced coffees, juices, milkshakes, and more.  

Product Description 

  • 600 ml reusable glass cup - With Logo
  • 12 mm stainless steel straw
  • Straw cleaning brush

How do I use the Bubble tea/ Smoothie Cup?

Bring along your clean cup to your Juice station or Bubble tea store and ask if they will accept your reusable cup (it's best if you remove the lids and straw before giving it to them so you can keep the hygiene)


You can make your own bubble tea or juice and bring it to wherever you want to enjoy your treat! 

*Most Bubble Tea and Juice stores are accepting reusable cups*