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Eco-Travel Foodie Gift Set
Eco-Travel Foodie Gift Set

Eco-Travel Foodie Gift Set

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Our Eco-Travel Foodie Gift Set has got everything you need to enjoy your food and drink on-the-go without ever using single-use plastic!

From storing your prepared meal/takeaways in our Collapsible Bento Box to sipping coffee in our Collapsible Coffee Cup, or storing your favorite snacks in our Ziplock Bags for a picnic at the park or just another day in the office, and taking another sip at your favorite smoothie with our reusable straws! 

This Eco-Travel Foodie gift Set will include:

- 1x Collapsible Bento Box (Pink, Grey, Blue)

- 1x Collapsible Coffee Cup (Pink, Grey, Blue)

- 1x Collapsible Straw or 1x Straw set (Rose Gold, Silver, Black)

- 1x 0.5L Ziplock Bag

- 1x 1L Ziplock Bag


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